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The GENTLER, the new high-tech cattle immobiliser for veterinarians and farmers

The GENTLER is the first high-tech cattle immobilisation device ready for series production. Use the GENTLER for gentle stimulation current immobilisation during dangerous and difficult agricultural, veterinary or animal care measures on animals.

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Increase safety for yourself, your employees and your animals with the GENTLER!

The GENTLER uses stimulation current therapy technology for safe cattle immobilisation. Stimulation current therapy has been researched and tested in human medicine. In contrast with the immobilisation of the animals with clamping frameworks, or with drug immobilisation, gentle stimulation current immobilisation offers many advantages.

GENTLER current immobilization is better for animals and humans in many applications!

Scientific studies in Germany have proven this:


  • the use of GENTLER has no after-effects for the animals and can be precisely controlled due to missing latency time and sensitive adjustment of current intensity
  • increased safety for farmers and animals, as well as lower risk of injury, through powerful immobilisation
  • faster and safer implementation of difficult agricultural, veterinary or zoo-technical measures on animals
  • GENTLER does not relieve pain and is not a substitute for painkillers

The GENTLER is already successfully used by farmers and veterinarians in Australia, Germany and other countries, with an excellent response.

Application examples: fast de-horning, safe hoof care and many more

Furthermore, the GENTLER is a certified product and is used in compliance with animal welfare regulations.


How does the GENTLER work?

The GENTLER is a rectal stimulation current probe for the safe immobilisation of all types of cattle.

The hind legs of the animal are completely immobilized by a weak stimulation current. This is a completely reversible paralysis of the muscle that is safe for the animal.

A weak stimulation current pulse allows the animals to be effectively immobilised without damaging the muscles. The method is more animal-friendly and safer for humans in many applications, since the animals do not have to be immobilised with medication, and the time-consuming tying and fixing of the animals with clamping frames is no longer necessary.

Scientific studies in Germany have proven:

  • that the use of the GENTLER has no after-effects for the animals, no latency time, and the current can be sensitively controlled
  • there is increased safety for farmers and animals, as well as lower risk of injury, through powerful immobilisation
  • faster and safer implementation of difficult agricultural, veterinary or zoo-technical measures on animals
  • GENTLER does not relieve pain and is not a substitute for analgesics


GentlerHow do I use the GENTLER? Important notes for use in practice

Step 1: First the device is switched off and inserted until only the handle is visible.

Important notes:

  • The device must be inserted up to the handle so that the stimulation current at the correct position can cause gentle immobilisation of the hind legs.
  • If the animal, e.g. because of dry food, is not moist enough in the area of the anus, the device should be moistened, since without moisture the conductivity for the light stimulation current is not given and the immobilisation cannot work.


Step 2: When the device is inserted, start at the lowest level and observe how the animal reacts in order to find the optimal setting for each animal. Now even difficult work on the animal can be carried out safely and quickly.

Important notes:

  • If the animal does not react, switch the device one step higher and if the animal stretches one leg slightly backwards, the immobilisation is working.
  • The animal should be able to lean during immobilisation so that it cannot fall over


GENTLER marks of qualityHow is GENTLER used?

By offering secure cattle immobilisation without clamping framewors and chains, GENTLER offers a range of benefits for the wellbeing of animals and people.

Blood tests, vaccinations and veterinary work

Through stimulation current immobilisation, these are free of danger for the veterinarian and free of stress for the animal. This is also the case for other general veterinary procedures.


First milking
The risk that the animal might endanger people or becomes uncooperative and is then problematic for days, is hereby removed.

Ear marking
Marking is free of stress for the animal and the farmer is reliably protected e.g. against being kicked.

Hoof care
This is can be done in a relaxed and safe way, since the animal is pacified without the use of external clamping frameworks, and the farmer is protected from kicks without having to bind the animal’s legs together.

This is significantly quicker and easier to do, without risk of injury for people and animals. Please note that GENTLER has no analgesic effect.

And further procedures on the animal, which can be completed more quickly and safely.


GENTLER marks of quality

  • Hi-tech new construction, developed and produced in Germany.
    Aim: improving safety for humans and cattle, even difficult procedures on the animal
  • GENTLER can be operated with one hand thanks to its ergonomic design
  • GENTLER is waterproof, for quick cleaning and disinfection
  • The strength of the stimulation current can be simply programmed in to the desired level
  • 100% checked plates ensure maximum safety for humans and animals
  • High performance, quick-charging Li-Ion batteries
  • Highest quality, reliability and user comfort were at the centre of the product’s development
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • GENTLER is a certified and approved piece of equipment


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